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Our Single Wall Paper Cups can hold all your beverages including water, iced tea, soda, coffee, tea, etc.

Single wall Paper Cups that are coated with PE film from the inside (single side PE coated paper cups) are more suitable for hot drinks such as coffee or tea. Whereas Paper Cups coated with PE film from both sides (double sides PE coated paper cups) are widely used, suitable for all kinds of drinks.

*All our Paper cups are available with adequate Lid (with a hole or a cross)

Paper Cups
Single Wall
Double Wall
Ice Cream
Salad Bowl
Item Ref. Outer Dimension Carton Size Pieces/Carton
4 OZ Paper Cup C004 Diam. 64 x H 62 mm L 41 * W 27 * H 35 1000
7 OZ with handle CH007 Diam. 76 x H 87 mm L 42 * W 32 * H 37 1000
8 OZ Paper Cup C008 Diam. 80 x H 93 mm L 43 * W 44 * H 44 1000
12 OZ Paper Cup C012 Diam. 90 x H 111 mm L 39 * W 38 * H 46 500
16 OZ Paper Cup C016 Diam. 90 x H 135 mm L 46 * W 38 * H 39 500
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